I am a Chartered Accountant by profession but have worked in industry for over 30 years.

I spent 13 years at Rank Xerox, during which time I held a number of posts including that of Customer Liaison Manager, Payroll Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Manager, National Sales Manager, Systems Business Division General Manager and finally the International Director of the Systems Business with a turnover in excess of $750 million with over 4,000 personnel covering 32 countries.

"Retiring" from the not so glamorous world travel, I developed an artificial intelligence software joint venture with Rank Xerox before setting up my own business consultancy.

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Consultancy Projects - Al Rasheed - Damascus, Syria

Al-Rasheed is a private company established in 1992 specializing in injection and blow moulds for the plastic industry .

Privilege Insurance

The creation of a revolutionary insurance policy specifically designed for disabled motorists -
The Mobility Master

Barry Thorogood, one of my top sales managers in Rank Xerox, and I are very proud to have launched of our book about the basics of successful selling - Pencils and Battleships.

We believe passionately that everyone in an organisation should understand the basics of selling and the vital importance of creating and building upon a strong durable relationship with your customers.

Barry and David at the 2016 Rank Xerox Reunion event at The Riverside Pavilion at Phyllis Court Club, Henley on Thames

Harvard Business School states that it is 7 (yes SEVEN) times more costly to gain a new customer than to book incremental business from an existing satisfied customer. So why wouldn't you teach everyone in the company to value your customers and gain that business? Is it worth the effort of teaching everyone about selling techniques and how to strengthen the relationship with your customers? Is it worth spending JUST ONE HOUR reading this book?


Only available direct from the authors - £2.00 just for the postage - email me your details and I will send you a signed copy