British Motorsport Association for the Disabled (BMSAD)

David Chaired the British Motorsport Association for the Disabled (BMSAD) for nearly thirty years leading the action under the Treaty of Rome for discrimination against both the Motor Sport Association (MSA) and then the FIA to allow disabled drivers to compete in motor sport.

An action, which he won and then set up, at the request of the MSA, the disability assessment centres, joined the Medical Panel and personally assessed over 300 individual drivers, with a wide range of disabilities, to gain licences. See my favourite legless Army kart team below.

Both Nick Hamilton (Lewis's brother) and Billy Monger (link) were amongst those assessed by David.

The Prince Michael Award of Merit

In 2009 David was awarded The Prince Michael Award of Merit which is the highest personal award made by the UK Motor Sports Council. The award is given to a maximum of two recipients per year in recognition of meritorious service to motor sport and David was the only recipient that year.

MSA Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2017 for my 26 year service to motor sport I received the MSA Lifetime Achievement Award with Murray Walker and Frank Williams following me in 2018!

Member of the British Empire

David was greatly honoured to have been awarded an MBE in the 2010 New Years Honours List and to have had it presented to him by the Queen for is contribution to Sport. (Link)

Motor Insurance for the disabled

The Sam Gallop Lifetime Achievement Award.

In the late 80's David led a campaign against the motor insurance industry's discrimination of disabled drivers. David's premiums were increased by 25% per limb lost on every insurance company quote.

Together with Sir Peter Woods’s Privilege Insurance Company we developed and launched the absolutely unique “Mobility Master” policy specifically for disabled drivers with premiums, not based upon the extent their disability, but purely on that person’s driving record. At last - Exactly the same as for any able bodied driver!

With national publicity, this provoked a sea change with the rest of the motor insurance industry rapidly rewriting their policies to benefit millions of drivers with any kind of disability.

The Disability Discrimination Act, for which David lobbied MPs, including one of the authors, William Hague, for additional safeguards., followed in 1995.

See photograph below of David's LHD rally car, which he drove in the UK's round of the World Rally Championship, promoting the new Privilage “Mobility Master" disability policy.

For his long campaign against the motor insurance industry he won the prestigious P & O The Sam Gallop Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Douglas Bader Award for Inspiration

From the same organisation he was awarded The Douglas Bader Award for Inspiration for his work with the newly disabled and in particular with severely injured soldiers.

Please see below the photo of the legless Kartforce Team he was so very proud of.

David (Driver - left) and Tony (navigator)

All four soldiers are double above knee amputees from bomb injuries and compete successfully in inter services team kart races.
I am very proud to have changed the rules to enable them gain licences to race.

When you are on the grid with able bodied drivers it is a level playing field!