You have to adapt !

As an amputee you soon realise that you really have be inventive, innovative and adapt to many varied situations if you want to have a full and fulfilling life. This section is designed to share ideas and techniques developed as an amputee.

Swimming in a straight line!

As a "for instance" I knew it was very important for me to keep fit as the legs and arm weigh over two stone in total and I would be lugging them around all day. I was restricted in the type of exercise I could take part in and decided that swimming was the best form of exercise.

Have a look at the video to see how I bought a large rubber fin and modified it to fit over the knee of my left stump. It really works well and I normally swim up to 2 miles a week.

I have now developed a more painless and secure way of fixing it on - please click here.

Modifications to controls for motor racing

Also my race cars required significant modification to the pedals and needed to be left hand drive to enable me to change gear with my right hand.

See the section of mods to my beloved MGB.

Every road car I have had also has this modification.

Care of stumps

Over the years I have had many sores and infections in my arm and leg stumps.

I hope you may find some of the remedies I used helpful.

I have always been surprised that not more is taught about caring for your stumps.

You mainly learn by trial and trauma so I have added my own remedies developed or passed on to me over the last 60 plus "artificial" years.