Motorsport   -   A lifelong passion

I am proud to be the only disabled driver worldwide to have qualified for both an International Race AND an International Rally Licence.

 It did however take a 30 year struggle to finally obtain a race licence from the MSA and for Max Mosley at the FIA to personally sign off my International Licence!

See the Autosport  "History of Disabled Motorsport" page and my direct involvement with rule changes allowing disabled drivers to fully participate in all forms of motorsport.

I have competed in over 600 motorsport events, 110 races plus British and World Championship rallies ending my career going out with a bang at Graham Hill bend at Brands Hatch in August 2006 when involved in a seven car pile up which wrote off three cars including my own!  

Fortunately only my wallet bore deep scars. But I couldn't resist one last go!

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Dario Franchitti

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Natalie Butler (Harris)

Once you get the bug!

My 70th birthday present from me, another session of motorsport.

The race was organised by the Classic Sports Car Club and the Smart cars were in the Modern Classics Series with our own race within a race. 

In practice, first time out, I was fourth on the Smart grid with only one spin at the tight chicane! I didn’t make the best of starts when the lights went out (must now practice starts!) After a lurid 75 mph four rotational spin on lap 7 trying to grab third place at Camp Corner just before the finish line, I went off onto the in-field but straight into gear and back on track to finish fourth in class.

 Quite hairy at 110 mph into Quarry Corner in a Smart car but great fun.

P.S. I have to be honest, the Porsche and BMW were lapping me.

A huge thank you to James Palmer, Smarts 4 Your Racing,  who prepared and modified my car and supported me throughout  the season.

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