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Sprints, Hillclimbs and Autocross

Singer Gazelle with a Jack Brabham Sunbeam Alpine engine and a Hobbs Mechamatic gearbox at Paddock Bend Brands Hatch.

This was my very first car and I competed in over 100 events in her without a single problem - apart from keeping her on the track at times!

My wife Marilyn is in the background.

That day she won the Ladies award and had to break off feeding baby Suzanne in the paddock to collect it!

Marilyn was a demon driver off the line particularly in the wet leaving much more powerful cars embarrassingly in her wake!

My Mallock U2 which Arthur built specially with the chassis 4 inches wider so I could get in it!

It was assembled by myself and Bob Adams in a garage made out of an aircraft engine crate located in our garden.

David Hobbs arranged to have a prototype Hobbs Mechamatic gearbox installed.

Great fun to drive but it never ever worked well with oil surge in the hydraulic gearbox giving it a mind of its own, often in the middle of a corner. It took a distinct dislike to Paddock Bend in particular - hairy!

My Silva, left hand drive so I could change gear with right hand and work a vacuum clutch.

Achieved Fastest Time of the Day at the Ocean Village Marina in Southampton. My one and only FTD!

Pictured here at Lydden Hill circuit.

Built by Ron Douglas - a Mid engine Ford Escort, fabulous side ways car but so unreliable.

MGB exhibited at the Mobility Roadshow promoting the British Motorsport for the Disabled (BMSAD) when I was Chairman.

An interested HRH visitor who told me he once had an MGC.

We discussed its ability to get round corners!

You can tell its a very old picture as we both had lots of brown hair!

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