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Brief Biography and CV


Qualification Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants

Qualified with Harker Holloway in 1968 moved into commerce in 1971.

Rank Xerox Limited

1971 to 1984 Receivables Manager, Payroll Manager, Product Manager,

Marketing Manager, National Systems Sales Manager1981 to 1984 Director

International Systems Business Division

Manpower in excess of 5,000 Revenue $750 million plus

Artificial Intelligence Limited

1984 to 1991 Managing Director

Joint Venture created with Rank Xerox, conceived with the objective of creating a market for Xerox AI software through out Europe – mainly military and communications usage.

Independent Business Consultant

1991 to date – significant activities during the period -

* Non Executive services and Consulting for a wide range of clients in the UK, Europe and the Middle East

* Chairman of an entertainment company – created “Albie” series for Granada / ITV – BAFTA nomination

* Director and Chairman of an internet services company

* Consultant to the Board of two software companies, a major UK training business, an international

manufacturer and a national motor insurance company

* Non executive role - guided a UK software company to a £16m public flotation over five year period

* Re-organised sales and marketing resources in two national leasing and finance companies

* Project Director - $10 million Green Field Tool Makers and Plastic Injection Moulding programme.

Equipment installation and European training.

Damascus, Syria


* Crisis management and Fire fighting

* Conflict resolution

* Creating Strategic Business and Marketing Plans

* New Business acquisitions and investigations

* Organising sales channels, structures, remuneration and motivational schemes

* Designing Share Option schemes

* Recruiting senior Managers and Directors

* Mentoring newly promoted Directors / Managers

Personal Skills

* A leader, very determined and goal orientated

* Good judge of character, ability to build up, motivate and integrate a team

* Good communication and presentation skills

* Excellent technical skills required for sales, marketing and management

* Well organised, able to set and meet clearly defined goals and objectives

* Competent analytical skills leading to sound decision making

* Strong multi-level sales and negotiating ability

* Strategic as well as tactical thinker

* Adaptable to new opportunities

Personal Points of Interest

In 1955 at the age of eleven David found an unexploded mortar bomb on National Trust land near Dunstable Downs, a farmer had plough up the bomb which had then been placed on a gate post. Being a curious youngster he picked it up only to find it was heavy so he dropped it. The explosion was heard 7 miles away and dug a huge crater.

David lost his left leg below the knee, his right leg above the knee and his left hand through the wrist (he was left handed!). He spent the next two and half years in various hospitals.

* 1961 Youngest ever subject of “This Your Life” TV Programme with guests including Douglas Bader (legless war time fighter ace), Bobby Smith (football), Ted Dexter (cricket), Tony Brooks (motor racing) Freddie Mills (boxing).

* The only disabled driver world-wide to hold both a full International Race and a full International Rally Licence

* Set up the original assessment centres for disabled drivers to gain licences

* Held the Sports car class lap record at two British race circuits, competed in 110 races and over 600 competitive motoring events

* Competed in the RAC World Championship Rally of Great Britain four times, gained class win on the Historic RAC Rally in 1997

MGB Silverstone

* Built own house and an award winning Hotel

* Chairman of the British Motorsport Association for the Disabled and for 26 years a member of the MSA Medical Panel