The Official Programme Introduction

"The programme was televised over the BBC Nationwide Network on the evening of Monday, 5th March 1962. Your appearance before our cameras was made possible by the kind assistance of your Parents and your Headmaster.

From the many friends who have played a part in your life we chose the following to appear on our stage -

Freddie Mills, Mrs. Beryl George, your Father and Mother, Mr. John Robinson, Bob Adams, Mr. Ray Hutton, Sheila Warwick, Ron Parker, Marilyn Ford, Alan Frost, Group Captain Douglas Bader, Bobbie Smith of Tottenham Hotspur and England, Racing driver Tony Brooks and Ted Dexter of Sussex and England.

David Butler, this is only the first chapter of your life - but what a chapter!

Already your complete and absolute triumph over disability is an inspiration to us all.

So here`s to the many years of success ahead of you."

Written and researched by Arthur Sellwood

Directed by David Croft Produced by T. Leslie Jackson

David is still the youngest subject ever of this worldwide programme.

Please see in the following sections, on-set photographs from the live TV show accompanied by Eamonn Andrews` full original script and stage directions from the "real" book in his hands.

We do not believe this detail has ever been made available before.