Motorsport Activity
Once you get the bug!   
My 70th birthday present from me, another session of motorsport. 
I am now retired on the advice of my wife and bank manager!
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Billy Monger 
Assessment at Brands and for 
his Formula 3 race car!
Dario Franchitti 
A Lister Jaguar ride 

Premier League Football Activity
I am proud to be the Chair of the Watford Football Club Enables Group
I was also asked by the Premier League in July 2017 to create and Chair their Disability Advisory Group which now comprises 18 Chairs of the Premier League Clubs Disability Supporters Associations and represents thousand of disabled supporters.

Paralympic Opening Ceremony 29th August 2012



An unforgettable experience driving the Orrery with Ziya Ayaya dancing with fire on the top, performing in front of the Royal Family and 80,000 people while trying not to run over or barbeque anyone!


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2012 Olympic Torch Relay - 8th July 2012
It was a great honour and privilege to have been nominated to “run” with the Olympic Torch on July 8th in the centre of my home town of Hemel Hempstead. 
It was a very emotional but thoroughly enjoyable occasion and I met some truly inspirational people on the "Torch bus".

We were all overawed by the sheer number of people, over 100,000,  who turned out in the rain to cheer and wave us all on.  

Thanks so much to you all.


I am greatly honoured to have been awarded an MBE in the 2010 New Years Honours List and to have had it presented to me by the Queen.
I am very fit, 75 years young and who found an unexploded bomb when 11 years old and lost both legs and my left hand.
I lead a very active and interesting life with a wonderful family - Marilyn to whom I have been married for over 50 years - daughters Natalie and Suzanne, my 14 year old grandson Michael Harry plus wonderful granddaughter Grace Lily and grandson Jack. Michael seen here swimming with me and my specially made flipper I designed for amputees, (details of which can be viewed in Adaptability
I am proud to be the only disabled driver worldwide to have qualified for both an International Race and an International Rally Licence. I have competed in over 600 motorsport events, including 125 races plus British and World Championship rallies.
I am President of the British Motor Sports Association for the Disabled and for the last 26 years, I attended as a member of the Medical Advisory Committee of the Motor Sports Association, who are the governing body for motorsport in the UK. I represented all disabled drivers who wanted to participate in motorsport and carried out over 300 assessments to help them gain theior licences. I have now retired.
Still the youngest ever subject of This is your Life programme at the age of 17, televised on BBC on 5th March 1962.
I added narrative to a BBC TV film about the first disabled race driver - Archie Scott-Brown - while competing and crashing at Brands Hatch in a seven car pile up!
I have been a conference speaker for Xerox and IBM and have taken part in numerous radio programmes about disability issues - Womans Hour, Start the Week, Does he take sugar and a regular panel spot on BBC Three Counties with Roberto Perroni.
I am a Chartered Accountant by profession but please don`t hold that against me, I have a great sense of humour and have worked in industry for over 30 years and now work for myself as a Consultant specialising in Crisis Management  - please see business career section. 

Barry Thorogood and I are very proud to announce the Launch of our  book about the basics of successful selling - Pencils and Battleships.
We believe passionately that everyone in an organisation should understand the basics of selling and the vital importance of creating and building upon a strong durable relationship with your customers.
Harvard Business School states that it is 7 (yes SEVEN) times more costly to gain a new customer than to book incremental business from an existing satisfied customer.   So why wouldn't you teach everyone in the company to value your customers and gain that business?   Is it worth the effort of teaching everyone about selling techniques and how to strengthen the relationship with your customers? Is it worth spending JUST ONE HOUR reading this book?  
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