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Rallying - Porsche 911 & Vauxhall Astra

The start of the Network Q RAC Rally in the centre of Chester
The Vauxhall Astra was again left hand drive so that I could change gear with my right hand and also use the vacuum operated hand clutch mechanism via a T piece on the top of the gear stick.
The water splash on the Chatsworth Stage where a timely navigator shout of "Wipers" is essential to see the way out!
 The Historic Porsche 911 was a very different drive to the MGB, and took a lot of getting use to being rear engined and considerably more powerful.
Regretably on a British Historic Rally round I yumped over a brow that went sharp right, finding it difficult to steer while airborne at 60 mph + we glanced off of a stone wall and into a rather solid tree.
Not really a consolation that four other cars had suffered a similar fate at exactly the same spot. I should have known by the number of excited spectators at that brow!